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Snow Drift Gameplay: All You Need to Know!

Updated: Apr 21, 2019


If you always want to play the best Android games, choose one of the best simulation games of March. Snow Drift gameplay and other aspects are here, click right now!

Snow Drift, developed by SayGames, is among the best Android games of March 2019. It is in Androidliste's Top 5. You will find lots of information about this game in our article.

Snow Drift expeditiously entered Android game world with more than a million downloads. Minimal graphics and easy gameplay attract attention.

Snow Drift Game Overview

Snow Drift is a snow clearing game but this time there is no shovel or plough vehicle. Instead, you'll clear the snow with different car models. You will plough snow clusters spread over a limited area, while drifting.

Each level consists of 3 or 4 stages. The increasing challenges can sometimes be repetitive. You can unlock new cars with the coins you collect at the end of the level.


You will win both money and a new car during the 5-day game. You can upgrade your cars by watching advertisements. Also, if you don't want to go back to the first step of the level when you crash, you can watch ads to resume where you leave.

There are also challenges on regular basis to overcome monotony. You've got five hearts in these challenges and on crazy tracks, you're going to clear different objects. Also, you can make more money. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself.


The interface of the game is in English with a very simple and clear menu. Controls are simple. You will just turn the car right or left. To do this, you can tap the Turn Right, Turn Left keys or left/right side of the screen.

The graphics are at minimal level and colourful, quite clear and bright as well. Sound effects are compatible with music and games, but you can concentrate more by turning it off.

Snow Drift Game Review

Gameplay and simple game mechanic appeals fans of simulation and arcade who want to spend their time in a funny way. You may be addicted or get bored due to repetitive levels.

You can buy the game and close the ads. Ads are displayed under the game with a banner and shown level breaks. Ads can be a bit annoying, sometimes you can earn additional money or lives by watching ads. To get rid of some of the ads, you can disconnect Internet and play the game on your device.

Having easy gameplay and being compatible with modest devices make Snow Drift one of the best Android games. Download Snow Drift and play right now!

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