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Since the inception,

Köksal Uslu has been totally
focused on building a qualified translation and localisation practice.

English ~ Turkish translation, copy writing, subtitling, transcription, content writing, creative writing, fast delivery, convenient rate. I am here to cooperate with you to improve your project. I am a native speaker of Turkish. 

If you want to; 
-    get the job done before the deadline 
-    cooperate to have the best
-    have convenient rates 
-    have a good communication
-    have a qualified content for your website
-    have a subtitle for your video 
-    localize your product, app or website 
-    have a verbatim Turkish transcription 
I am here to help you.

I can proofread. I can use Microsoft office programs comfortably. I can adapt myself to your WordPress projects easily. I can write articles for your website or blog.

Köksal Uslu

English - Turkish Translator


I am eager to learn. I never give up trying. “I may not know but I can learn.”

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