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Light It Up Gameplay, Jump Right Now!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Are you interested in arcade games? Then I have a nice surprise for you. Light It Up gameplay and its other features are here. Read this article before download!

Arcade games have a considerable place among Android games. Their minimal graphics, playability on low-system devices and simple gameplay attract the attention of all ages game lovers. Today I am going to introduce Light it Up.

Light It Up Gameplay Overview

Light it up, developed by Crazy Lab by TabTale, has been downloaded more than 5 million. This arcade game is one of the most popular Android games.


In Light It Up, you will run a Stickman to jump onto blocks or different objects to light them. You should pay attention to obstacles and take care not to fall. You can accelerate him by jumping twice in the air. There are 3 stars will let you get additional points.


The game controls are simple, there are Tab keys that allow you to turn left and right. Stickman will jump with each tab.

The levels progress from easy to more complex ones. You must light all objects in the level by your reasoning and reflexes.

Light It Up Game Review

Light It Up's neon colours and minimal graphics are very attractive and well-defined. You are allowed to change skin of Stickman.

At the beginning, levels may seem easy, but later they becomes more challenging. This reduces the repetition.

You can unlock the new skins for the stickman with your stars and achievements.

The game often views ads. Sometimes this can be annoying. Try not to touch the ad banner just below the arrow keys during the game. If you don't want to see ads, you can disconnect internet and play the game offline on your mobile devices. When you lose the game, it is also possible to resume on level by the help of watching the ads.

Music and sound effects are compatible with game but you can turn them off on the settings.

Its minimal and arcade style will attract you and simulate your reflexes and reasoning. Don't forget to check out Snow Drift gameplay review. Download Light It Up now and play!

Enjoy the game, see you on next game!

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